Q – What is a sleep study?

A painless, non-invasive test that measures your body functions during sleep for the purpose of diagnosing and treating a sleep disorder.

Q – Why should I consider a sleep study?

A sleep study allows us to measure specifics about your sleep issues. A more specific diagnosis can help us prescribe a more suitable course of treatment for living a better life through better sleep.

Q – What if I can’t sleep during the sleep study?

A lot of patients feel some level of apprehension. Our goal is to inform you as best we can to ease any of your worries. We also encourage you to bring anything that will make you feel more comfortable such as your pillow, a book you like to read before bed, or your favorite pajamas! Many patient’s even leave their sleep study having a better night sleep than they’ve had in a while!

The devices attached do allow you to turn and move around. In fact, after a while, you may not even notice them!
In extreme cases, your provider can prescribe a sleep aid that you can take upon arrival for your study. Please talk to your doctor if you feel you would need a sleep aid.

Q – What should I bring to my sleep study?

Feel free to bring anything that will make you more comfortable. The room is equipped with a queen size bed, pillows, and blankets but if you like having your own pillow, we welcome you to bring it with. Feel free to also bring anything that you typically use to relax before bed such as a book, music, or your laptop.

Q – Can I have my sleep study done at home?

Absolutely! We offer both in-lab and home sleep testing. However, home sleep testing isn’t for everyone. A home sleep test, though effective, collects significantly less data than an in-lab sleep study. The initial consultation with our physician will determine if it is right for you!

Q – What are the advantages of a home sleep test (HST)?

Home sleep test advantages:
– less expensive
– more convenient and comfortable

Q – What are the disadvantages of a home sleep test (HST)?

Home sleep test disadvantages: 
– Lacks the full array of tools and diagnostics available during an in-lab sleep study
– Not suitable for individuals with congestive heart failure, lung disease, or other sleep disorders
– Higher risk of needing to repeat due to equipment misuse
– Cannot measure brain activity

Q – What are the advantages of an sleep test at Sleep Clinic?

– High quality beds, rooms, furniture, and décor
– Private bathroom and shower
– Uses more sensors and gathers more accurate data
– Higher accuracy because a sleep tech is monitoring progress
– Completing an in-lab study is proven to be much more effective and controlled than a home sleep test

Q – What if I have to go to the bathroom during my sleep study?

If you have to go to the bathroom during your sleep study, simply call your sleep technologist who will come and assist you. Fortunately, none of the wires that have been attached to you will need to be removed. The technologist will unplug a couple of monitors from the “jack box” and you will be able to use the bathroom.

Q – Is my spouse allowed to come with?

Your spouse is more than welcome to be present for your clinic visits. They sometimes have valuable input and can tell us what they see when you are asleep.
She / he can be with you though he may be asked to sleep in a separate room so as not to
disturb you.